Creekside West – Yakima, WA

Back on the road again and I find myself in Yakima, WA. Yakima is about a three and a half-hour drive (depending on the passes) from Seattle. Yakima is home to many fruit processors – got to move all those apples. It is also home to CubCrafters, the manufacturer of a beautiful, two-seat all-purpose airplane, and my day job’s reason for being here. Always a fun visit.

Creekside West is located just off of the airport here in Yakima, which I think used to be an old air base. Creekside West emphasizes American fare and uses a contemporary, industrial-sleek space to host its guests. They certainly like meat! Which is perfectly fine with me. I wish I could come back for dinner, but lunch is all I have time for today.

Tassia is our server today. And with a bright, albeit reluctant, smile, she agreed to Bring Us Lunch* (I know, I know, but it is lunchtime here – time zone changes).

Tassia brought us what must be favorites here:

My lunch partner was served a Steakhouse Sandwich. This is a very tasty variation of the Rueben. Smoked Beef Brisket is the mainstay and is topped with a Dijon-apple kraut, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and bacon jam. Yes, I said bacon jam. The hint of the bacon jam was just in the background of the Dijon-apple kraut. Amazing. All of this was nestled between two pieces of a fresh, marbled rye. Served with fries it made the perfect sandwich for lunch.

Now for my dish, Tassia served me the Beef Stroganoff. For someone who travels as much as I do and sometimes as far away as I do, this was a delicious, comfort food lunch. Tassia’s timing could not have been better. The rib meat melted in my mouth. The mushrooms were tender and tasty. The peas were fresh and added a nice element to the whole dish. All of that bedded down in a pile of Pappardelle pasta. I wanted to take a nap after lunch.

Lunch certainly served as a tease for what Creekside might offer for dinner. Next time to Yakima, I will have to plan an evening to stay.

Happy Eating!

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