La Gloria – San Antonio, TX

I have said this before, and I will say it again…  Bring Me Dinner has always been more than just about food.  It is about experiencing people and life through food.  This week, Karen and I have the opportunity to drink deeply from the cup of life experiences over a simple, but delicious meal.  This week we find ourselves in San Antonio, TX meeting a very dear friend from my teenage days.  I met my “friend Karen” (I know, this might get confusing)when our two dads would take their businesses to the Oshkosh airshow.  After meeting there, we spent the better part of a decade growing up together.  Her in Delaware and me in Michigan, but always reconnecting around Oshkosh.  As we stepped off into adulthood, she went one way (the Navy), and I another (the University of Michigan).  Our lives have taken all kinds of turns, some easy and some not so easy, as all lives do.  But along the way, we always find a way to reconnect, catch up, and remember the times we shared growing up.  And of course, making sure to laugh hard and smile often.  As an added treat, Karen got to meet my Karen. 

Like a younger brother looking for approval of his ever-so-slightly older sister, I smiled with relief as Karen enjoyed and approved of “my” Karen.

So tonight, the place that will host this reunion is La Gloria…  a very authentic Mexican (not Tex-Mex as I was informed) restaurant.  We are served tonight by Emilio.  Emilio is a somewhat reserved, quiet young man who I think had to consider what we asked when we asked him to Bring Us Dinner.  But without a doubt, Emilio got what we were asking and absolutely shined with his dinner choices.

First up was a simple, but very tasty appetizer: chips and salsa.  I know what you are saying, right?  Chips and salsa on Bring Me Dinner?  C’mon man!  The salsa is a Chili Arbodo.  It has a smoky taste with a slight hint of heat.  Unique and very tasty.  And then, Emilio brought us out some avocado dip as a surprise.  Simply wonderful.

Emilio continued on with the Cerveche Verde.  Served with fresh tostada shells, it has a very pronounced flavor of lime and avocado, balanced nicely with house seasonings and mild vegetables.

For the main show, Emilio brought us Tacos.  Again, simple, but elegant.  Served with a sides of Charro Beans, Red Rice, and the table favorite, shaved corn.  These simple selections offered us a complex walk through the many flavors offered at La Gloria, and Mexican fare in general.

The three tacos are named the Alambre, the Pastor, and grilled fish tacos.  Now, I happen to love fish tacos.  Bought from a street vendor is best.  But these are darn awful good.  And the Pastor, a pork taco, has a deliciously sweet finish.

Emilio has performed exceptionally, but he has one more trick up his sleeve.

While none of us had any business with dessert, we were served a Flan Cajeta.  A silky smooth dessert with a delightful Carmel flavor.  Just wonderful and perfect when shared by three or four.

Thank you, La Gloria and Emilio, for a wonderful time.  The spectacular food with the rustic, outdoor seating created the perfect environment for reacquainting old friends and making new ones.

Happy Eating!

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