SavannahBlue – Detroit, MI

I’m in for a treat tonight as I can already tell they pay very close attention to detail, with leather covered tables… the glasses and plates do not slide.

Lee is our server tonight.  Rico is assisting Lee tonight.  And Lee is great.  He just jumped in and said Let’s go!  I can tell that Lee is excited to share his version of Detroit and SavannahBlue with us.

Karen and I are on our way to the Lady Gaga concert tonight.  I wish I could say that we found this restaurant before Lady Gaga did (aka: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), but she was just here last night.  Incognito…  the staff didn’t even know it until she was leaving.

Drinks are our traditional go-to’s:  Flavored vodka with water and a lemon and a Manhattan. A smoked Manhattan at that.

Set in a building built in 1911 and the former hang-out of the Purple Gang (it’s also rumored to be haunted by a young boy), SavannahBlue makes perfect use of the space.  Keeping it simple, a little industrial (homage to Detroit’s roots), and very intimate.  Pictured on the wall are city scenes, energized by folks that own the town.  The lights make you think of early light bulbs and Thomas Edison – who certainly had many connections to Detroit.  The bar area is supervised by a beautiful baby grand piano.  Not tonight, but I hope there are many nights where that baby grand sings the songs of Detroit.  Overhead are the sounds of downtown, street blues.  You definitely get the feel of southern tones welded with the Detroit air.

First up is the Panko Encrusted Crab Cake served with a Smoked Pepper Remoulade Sauce.  And it’s gluten-free.  Way more crab than typical.  Very moist with a very light crunch from the panko.  As Karen said…  righteous.

For our main course….  Braised Oxtail over Black-eyed Peas (instead of risotto) with Spinach and garnished with deep-fried Shrimp Tails.  OMG… deep-fried shrimp tails!?! Move over pork rinds…  The oxtail is moody and smoky and is just falling apart.  A very sophisticated tasted, especially with the black-eyed peas.

And on the other end of the spectrum is the Shrimp and Grits (sounds simple doesn’t it).  Hardly simple at all…  I’m back at grandma’s home for comfort food.  Wow! I just want to crawl into the shrimp bowl and be happy…  The grits simply melt in your mouth.  The andouille sausage gives just a hint of heat.  And the shrimp is cooked perfectly, with the exact right blend of seasonings so not to overcome the grits.

Our evening here closed in the bar area…  we are joined by a couple of fellow little monsters!  What a fun time with Lee and all of the people we met.

Savannahblue….  Imported from Detroit.

Happy Eating!

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